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Biologia da Conservação

[CBC’13] 31 May 2013

» What is the point of identifying important conservation areas at the global scale? - Robert J.Smith - Durrell Inst.Conservation & Ecology, Univ.Kent, Canterbury, UK

» Why do species occur where they do? - Miguel Araújo - Cátedra ‘Rui Nabeiro’ CIBIO, Univ. Évora; Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC, Madrid .

[CBC’12] 24 May 2012

» The benefits of helping in an unpredictable world: cooperative breeding In the sociable weaver - Rita Covas - Percy FitzPatrick Inst. African Ornithology, Univ.Cape Town

» The fate of the biodiversity of Madagascar - David Vieites - Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC, Madrid .

[CBC’11] 13 June 2011

» Farmland abandonment in Europe: an opportunity for biodiversity - Henrique Miguel Pereira - CBA-FCUL, Lisboa.

» Climate change and the movement of hybrid zones - Nuno Ferrand de Almeida - CIBIO-FCUP, Porto.

[CBC’10] 28 May 2010

» Strategies and policies for ocean governance - Mário Ruivo – CP-UNESCO, Lisboa.

» Marine conservation biology: are small projects useful or just drops in the vast ocean? - Paulo Catry – Eco-Eto-ISPA, Lisboa.

[CBC’09] 22 May 2009

» Think Big: Biodiversity Conservation at the Global Scale – Ana Rodrigues – CEFE-CNRS, Montpellier.

» To plough …or let it burn? Biodiversity conservation dilemmas in the Mediterranean – Francisco Moreira – CEABN-ISA-UTL, Lisboa.

[CBC’08] 30 May 2008

» The challenge of large carnivore conservation in Europe - Luigi Boitani DABH – Univ. Roma "La Sapienza", Itália.

» Scientific research with conservation in mind: an example with bats – Jorge Palmeirim, CBA-FCUL, Lisboa.


A ciência que entende a natureza pelo saber e pela experiência

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